Aussie Egg Donors

Welcome to the Aussie Egg Donor Online Community

Welcome to the AED community.

The AussieEggDonor group was started in 2002 when two Australian egg donors thought there was a need for an Australian/New Zealand support group.

From a few initial members, the group has grown to over 400 active members, providing support, information and guidance in all stages of the egg donation journey, both recipients and donors, as well as surrogate mothers and embryo donors.

As a community, we are committed to supporting others on this path and warmly welcome you.


We have created this space as a private bulletin board, and all members are approved by Administration. It has always been the group's aim to protect each member's privacy and to provide a safe haven to talk frankly and openly.

Due to the senstive nature of the information we share, we expect people to post at least once every two weeks in order to discourage lurking. If it is not possible to post once every two weeks, please contact Admin and let them know so your account is not deleted.

Donors and recipients, please note!

As per our guidelines at AED, although we have provided an opportunity for recipients to indicate they are looking for a donor, we encourage all recipients not to approach donors, but to allow donors the freedom of the board to approach recipients if they choose to do so. Likewise we encourage donors to only approach one recipient at a time. We encourage everyone to be honest with their dealings with other people.

Under Victorian legislation, it is illegal for recipients to advertise for a donor unless they have the appropriate written authoristaion from the Minister for Health - we will delete all advertisements from Victorian recipients until they have the appropriate approval.

Want to join?

If you would like to join this Online Community, please visit the Forum Page to find out more.